Officer Information

Seneschal- the officer serving as “president” of a local group or kingdom. Acts as the group administrator and legal representative of the SCA
Hon Lady Glynis Merch Llwellyn, called Talisman
MKA (mundanely known as) Susan Troutman
(731) 407-7254 (leave message if no answer)

Chatelaine- an officer who helps new members learn about the SCA
Alita burlufo’tr
MKA (mundanely known as) Sherry Jaeger
(732) 363-6592 (If a message is time sensitive please send a text to my phone and I will either check Facebook or messages)

Deputy Chatelaine



Exchequer (Treasurer)-  the officer serving as treasurer for a group or kingdom
Hrafn Orthlokar
MKA (mundanely known as) David Sarnik
Facebook: David Sar-nik

Herald-  officer who helps participants come up with SCA names and armory
Lord William MacAndrew de Shetland
MKA (mundanely known as) Bryan Trautman
(931) 215-8274

Deputy Herald
MKA (mundanely known as) Eric Abarbanell
(270) 752-0944

Knight Marshal-  a specially trained person who oversees heavy combat activities for safety purposes
Einar Jaegerson
MKA (mundanely known as) Tim Jaeger
m. (731) 336-0350 (please leave message)

Rapier Marshal-  a specially trained person who oversees rapier combat activities for safety purposes
Sven Andersson
m.k.a. Michael Stricklin[at]gmail[dot]com
m. (270) 321-1250

Minister of Arts & Sciences-  promotes crafts and skills of the Middle Ages/Renaissance which we research and practice in the SCA
Sophia Berkeley
MKA (mundanely known as) Katie DuVall
(731) 363-6288 (Please text only!)

Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences
MKA (mundanely known as) Nicholas Montana
Facebook: Nicholas Montana
(731) 336-8314

Webminister- the SCA-equivalent to “webmaster”, updates and maintains the group’s webpages
Solveig Hrokviss
MKA (mundanely known as) Valerie Ernstberger
m. (270) 227-4744 (text only, please)